Son Forgives His Father For Injecting Him With HIV to Avoid Paying Child Support. (#maninjectssonwithHIV, #sonforgivesfatherforinjectinghimwithHIV) ⋅

When Brryan Jackson was a baby, his father, a hospital technician, injected
him with HIV-tainted blood to avoid paying child support to his ex-wife.
Doctors believed that Jackson would die in five months, but he's still alive
today at the age of 22. The St. Louis-area man spoke with KPLR this week,
stating that he has forgiven his father for trying to kill him.
"I find myself praying for my father's salvation," said Jackson, who says he
owes his positive attitude to hisChristian beliefs.
The 1992 murder attempt made national headlines, and Jackson has used
that attention to gain support for various nonprofit initiatives.
In 2009, Jackson founded Hope Is Vital, an organization that raises AIDS
awareness and works to stop discrimination against people who are HIV-
positive. He has also served as a speaker for Project Kindle, which provides
summer camps and other recreational programs for children with serious
His father, Brian Stewart, was sentenced to life in prison for first-degree
assault in 1999. Though he is now eligible for parole, it has not yet been
Jackson changed his first name from "Brian" to "Brryan" to separate himself
from his father's identity when he was growing up.

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