Rihanna Reportedly 'FIRED' Her Best Friend . . . And Shipped Her BACK TO BARBADOS!!!

The rumor mill is BUZZING right about now with news
that Rihanna and her best friend Melissa are NO MORE. What
happened . . . well it's not entirely clear. What is clear is that Melissa,
who is usually a FIXTURE at Rihanna's side is NO LONGER ON TOUR
with Rih.
One insider told MediaTakeOut.com, "Rihanna's crew is still the same,
Jenn, Yusef, and Lora (Rihanna's assistant and stylists) - but no
So what happened, you ask? Well no one has ENOUGH BALLZ on the tour
to actually ask Rihanna but it must be bad, because the crew has been
told not to even "mention Melissa's name."
Melissa is currently back in Barbados figuring out what o do with
herself . . .