Producers Hate Me Because I Don’t Allow Them Sleep With Actresses - Emeka Ike

Nollywood actor in an interview disclosed why he's hated by some movie
producers and directors in the movie industry.
The Yabatech graduate who was said some months ago to have vowed to stop
acting said that his stand on not allowing up and coming actresses to be used for
s*x-for-movie roles has made him to be hated in the film industry in Nigeria.
"If you knock at their office and you can't sleep with them, you won't be allowed to
act. Is it fair to tell a girl that 'if I don't sleep with you, you won't get my favour?'
if God does that to us, where would we be today? the actor asked.
He added that, "this situation is a general norm. Ask the smallest artiste about my
position on the situation. I have stopped productions severally because of this
(sexual harassment). That's why sometimes they get issues with me.
Emeka narrated an ugly incident he witnessed on a movie set, he said, "There was
a day I saw a girl crying at a corner of a movie set, her name is Esther. She is a
make-up artiste now because she has stopped acting for them.
"I approached her and asked why she was crying. She was lamenting like a girl
who has just lost her mother. She told me that 'look at the girl going with my
script, that ugly animal. The producer said if I can't sleep with him, I can't get the
"She mentioned the name of the person. So because she can't sleep with that man,
she has to be marginalized, Kai! I have something against that. If a girl wants to
sleep with you because you are a star or because she likes you, so be it. Don't
arm-twist someone, that is rape. Abroad, they will go to jail for even suggesting it
to her.
"You need to be responsible and responsive to the young people you have exposed
acting to. You need to stand up and fight for them. Right now, they are interested
in acting and there is no place to go to. They go to Ajao and they tell them open
your legs, is that what we made the industry for?
"I gave the lady her artiste fee that day. Go to Enugu and ask of Esther, the make-
up artiste. She will tell you about this story. That is why they don't like me."