Nigeria @ 53-Stella Damascus blasts hypocrites. (#nigeraat53 #stelladamascus)

Stella Damascus is now a full fledged activist now..I'm sure many love her new
found role.She posted a messageon her facebook wall,condemning those who paint
beautiful pictures of Nigeria during the 53 independence celebrations
Read below
"I have been reading different versions of congratulatory messages to
celebrate Nigeria. Even from people who a few days ago wrote negative and
derogatory things about our dear country.
These same folks have been pissed off about the ASUU strike, the almost six
hundred people who came into America as entourage with the presidency for
the United Nations conference and how much was spent, the unresolved Boko
Haram issue, the underage marriage and the deliberate silence from the senate
and so many other things they are unhappy about.
But as the hypocrites we all are, we find the need to go on social media just
to be seen as relevant. We start to use different apps to create beautiful
pictures of Nigeria including our pictures to say happy independence. If it
ended there I will not mind because we cannot change the event nor the date.
But when some people who want to sound intelligent start to say things like
Nigeria is the most industrious, courageous and safest country, Nigeria is an
example to the whole world because we are the giants and so many other
things I personally consider to be eye service, it baffles me."
"Instead of sitting and lying about the country you claim you love, why don't
you say happy independence and then go ahead to proffer solutions that you
believe will help the country to be the place we all believe it can and should
be, the place our parents described to us, the place blessed with so much that
other countries will do anything to be like us."