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(#must read) A Song A Bird Can't Chant by Taiwo Oluwaseyi (#poetry #poemcommunity #youngpoets)

I wish to write u a sincere note
One describing the contraction of my heart
Strapped to the guts of my rib cage
Also,telling you how fast my artery has misbehaved
Alas!,u caused it,my head feels thuds of a footstep
There was even a time I thought how wriggled my genetic self got here Now!,
I wish to write u a sincere note
A note to tell how wobbly I reasoned
A sincere note,telling you Your lips as red as the tacula fruit Your hair as dark as the diloa fish
Even the shadow could tell when you don't walk
Your eyes gentle as the macongue
Then I wish to write u a sincere note.

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