"My music will take me very far, not showing skin"- Victoria Kimani

The Chocolate City Kenyan artiste ,Victoria Kimani opened up on her thoughts on
nudity ..
Excerpts from Nigerian Tribune
What are your views on nudity?
We were born naked, then we realised that we were naked. In some villages
around the world, nudity is normal; in a religious society, nudity of any kind is
a sin. So, nudity is a personal preference and sometimes a Godly calling. I
believe there's nothing wrong with nudity. It's the evil and sinful thoughts that
people think that need to be controlled.
How far can you go with showing your skin as far as your music is concerned?
My music will take me very far, not showing skin. That can only take you so
I wear what I am comfortable in, depending on my surroundings. Fashion is
another way of living and expressing art. As a girl with a curvy body, I like to
celebrate my blessings while I'm still young enough and in shape enough to do
so. That doesn't mean showing skin.
Whether I'm dressed in a nun's gown or in a bathing suit, someone will still
oppose, and have an evil thought.