Meet the Ethopian women who are beaten & scarred with canes & thorns to prove their strength

While its a crime to beat women in most parts of the world, Ethiopia's Hamar tribe
females enjoy it.No screaming is permitted by the men wielding the canes &
instead of fleeing, the women beg the men to do it again and again until blood
flows, dripping into the gritty red dust of the Omo River Valley.
Ceremonial beatings take place during the male initiation rites but also in the home
when the husband chooses.Ritual beatings are carried out by a group of men
called 'Maza', continue until the women's backs are left bloody
Men and women from the Hamar tribe use thorns to create intricate scar patterns
which are considered beautiful
The Ethiopian tribe were photographed by Eric Lafforgue who travelled to the
remote Omo River Valley to meet them