Lol-Kemi Olunloyo blasts Bianca Ojukwu again:Claims she insulted Annie Idibia on her FB page

Here is what happened.Kemi posted an interview she did with 2face back in
2006.She praised him for sticking by Annie till this moment. As usual, a few
comments disagreed with her and Kemi replied them saying
Annie just read this thread and she was not happy with u ppl. Same as when
they were given a car and u wonder why celebrities in Nigeria dont relate to
fans on a personal level like I do as a Journalist
I don't know how Bianca Ojukwu entered the issue, she now posted different
messages claiming Bianca was the one commenting on those posts blasting Annie..
Read her messages to Bianca below

Im gonna deal with Bianca Ojukwu so seriously this year. I have officially
banned you from this page. How dare you comment on Annie Macaulay Idibia
calling her first PREGNANCY names. So she lost the first child with Tuface. My
post was about Tuface's intv and she will be reading this. Bitch, not only did
you lie about FFK, you got pregnancy for him twice and miscarried the first
one too. I find it very hard for Madam Ambassador to criticize a woman who
lost a baby when it happened to you and you were was so low to KILL the
next one yourself. Your second pregnancy for FFK was aborted. Get off my
page liar and fraud and tell your fans that Im not a divorcee, never been
married. I still have room for my pussy to be tasted by a HUSBAND. For you,
NO MORE marriage or husband or you lose all the Ojukwu currency.

For the Nigerian morons I just banned permanently, sit down and watch. Many
of you still on my page are complete fools. When Bianca was commenting on y
thread last night, you saw her account. it is in all your blogs. When she was
commenting in my Tuface post your ass was somewhere else. Annie was
tagged in that post. Im not showing you no damn comment. If your ass was
watching you would have seen it. Now she has been banned only me can see
it. This prostitute beauty queen wife of a warlord has been harrassing me
since I spoke out of her 2 pregnancies with FFK. She needs to stop. I got 11
emails last night from Abuja politicians telling me to deal with her seriously.
She has not only insulted Annie but every woman who lost a child.
For you Igbos that I banned, stop calling her a queen. She is not from any
royalty. She's a liar and fraud that prolly killed her husband. For someone that
the whole of University of Nssukka had sex with and was fucking an old
classmate when Ojukwu was on his death bed, I cant relate. For some of u
morons asking me why Im angry at her, go read your news. U are fucking
behind and need to be dealt with.

Bianca is a FRAUD from Biafraud