LG To Launch Curved Screen Phones In 2014. (#LG #curvedscreenphones)

LG has announced it is to start mass-production of what it calls the "world's
first flexible OLED [organic light-emitting diode] panel for smartphones".
The South Korean firm said it hoped to start selling the first handsets to
feature the tech next year.
A press release from LG's display division indicated its handset screen would
curve from top-to-bottom rather than side-to-side, the design Samsung
described in a recent patent. It said the advantage of using the tech was that
the panel was "bendable and unbreakable".
"What's more, it is also the world's lightest, weighing a mere 7.2g [0.25oz]
even with a 6in screen, the largest among current smartphone OLED
The news comes weeks after Samsung made a similar announcement. Both
companies already use the technology to offer curved OLED television sets.
Although the displays used in the TVs are in theory "flexible", they are
mounted in fixed shells so they cannot be bent or otherwise re-shaped by the