Kobe Bryant --Chinese BBall Superior To NBA 'They Let You Play Over There'

Kobe Bryant has Chinese envy -- at least when it comes to basketball -- claiming
the rules in the Far East make it a real man's game ... because "out here, you
can't even touch a motherf**ker."Kobe's diss to the NBA came during a candid
moment in Vegas with Floyd Mayweather earlier this week ... when the two began
talking about the differences between basketball in China vs. the NBA."They let
you play over there," Kobe said … adding, "out here they change the rules up and
sh*t. You can't even touch a motherf**ker. You can't touch a n***a."Kinda
strange coming from Kobe ... considering he has a reputation for begging NBA refs
for calls. Calls to China … weren't made (c'mon, international calls ain't cheap!)