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Joke of the Day: Nigerian Police Men

Police officers at a road block .... as motorists are stuck in jam he
stops a trailer
Policeman : where is your permit
Driver: hands in permit
Policeman : do you have extinguisher.
Driver: yes its there ....
Policeman: light up your indicators
Driver: exactly on point indicators work ....
Policeman : do you have seat belt Driver : yes u can check .....
Policeman : hoot a bit i hear ...
Driver: pipipipi
Policeman turns to his fellow officer and says the man has everything
let's leave let him go.
As the motorist drives away the officer shouts : is your simcard
registered ....
Driver: no
Officer : Oga park there!. how can you drive without registering your
number what if you get accident how will we identify you ....

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