How Super Eagles Onazi Chased A Robber And Handed Him Over To The Cops In Rome

Super Eagles/Lazio midfielder Eddy Onazi is the talk of Rome after chasing
down a robber and handing him over to local cops, Sugar Sport Reports.
There was no way the Nigerian star was going to let a local villain get away
with stealing from a Rome tourist.
"I was having dinner with my brother near the Termini Station and there were
some tourists sitting next to us," Onazi told Lazio Style Radio after the story
hit the headlines.
"I saw a boy and immediately felt due to his suspicious behaviour that he
wanted to steal something. I didn't even have time to tell my brother that he
had already snatched the tourist's wallet and run off.
"I noticed it, so I ran after him, but stayed on the other side of the street. I
ran for 300 metres, the robber left the wallet under a car, but I saw him.
"I chased him down and brought him back to the restaurant, avoiding the ire
of the people around there. I told the restaurant owner to call the police and
we brought the wallet back to the lady. She was in tears and thanked me, as
the wallet was full of money.