Guy Tells The Story of How He Joined and Eventually Left A Cult

The following story was culled from Laila. This guy tells his story about how
he was a cultist and later changed:
My name is Frank (not my real name). I was born to a family of 5 some time
in late November 1989.. My dad is a lecturer and my mum a business
woman, both God fearing. By the way am the last born.
After leaving secondary school I always wanted to be feared to be rugged
and well respected, I've
always had a crush on cult boys…
This is my story on how I joined the must dreaded cult group in universities,
my journey, the up's and downs and how I finally denounced and become a
new person in Christ..
It was 2006 I just graduated from secondary school, and I cleared both my
WAEC and NECO, but JAMB had to spoil the show… I've always lived in the
university environment cause of my dads occupation and I've been a big fan
to cultism and it has always been my desire to belong..
After failing jamb for 3 consecutive years, I finally broke the deadlock and got
into school 2009.. Pheeeew!… what a relief as I was already 20years old…
My elder sister called and gave me the good news that my name was on the
list and I was so happy and glad… I quickly packed my things and my dad
made the funds available to me in no time,…
I got to school excited.. (Name of school withheld). I had gained admission
to study sociology and anthropology though it was supplementary cause law
was my original 1st choice…………..
The first month in school was stressful, cause I started late… I paid my
acceptance fee, went for departmental screening, went for faculty screening
and finally paid my school fees, departmental and faculty fees…
During this period I had to make new friends which most were girls, I made a
new friend called Janet she was in final year then and just like that we
cliqued - well I didn't know if it was the fact i was handsome, a fresher with
money to spend or she loved me, well I found that out the night after we
made out……………………….
It was on a fateful afternoon, I picked up my phone that was ringing and it
was her calling. She said she was hungry and I should take her out.
As a novice,  I thought I would earn some respect by flexing with a big chic
so I accepted and took her to the best eatery in town.
After lunch, as a Port Harcourt sharp guy, I invited her over to my place.
I was living with my elder sister who was through with school and
waiting for  NYSC, so she was never around.
On getting to the house, I wasted no time in starting my work. I started
teasing her and playing with her until we found ourselves kissing, and
I wasted no time in undressing her and getting to the action………..
Later that evening after walking her back to her hostel, I thought I had hit a
jackpot, but got the shock of my life when she told me she can't date me,
that she just had s€x with me for fun and that was the end…
Well, as a sharp guy I celebrated sleeping with a final year girl just weeks on
getting into school…………..
…………………………… Finally, matric week had come and gone, I was dead broke.
It was Monday, and as I trekked to school for the boring Monday GST class,
the usual running around, I had to return my course form and register my
GST and also pray someone would show me love by sending me money that
week, so many thoughts rolling round my head like a twister……………..
I was lost in thoughts and drowning in hunger when my friend Ifeanyi came, I
couldn't even hear all he was saying until I heard "make we go chop"..and
my ear stood like my oga between my legs!..
He invited me over to his place to eat and chill and while at his place he told
me stories of cult and how he was going to join one.
His place was well furnished, and I was envying him already buh as a sharp
guy I no carry last…
He asked if I had heard gun shots in school on the matric day, I said no, he
told me that cults always recruit during that period…….
I found his company interesting and fun and he officially became my best
Second semester year one…………………………….. I resumed early, way too early.
Just 3 weeks at home, the whole town was dry and students were not back,
it felt like I was the only one that wasn't enjoying my hols.
I felt silly, luckily for me, Ifeanyi called and told me he was back too.
So I quickly jumped up and ran to his house, and he was with his girlfriend
who came visiting from her school.
I was excited and so we gisted – he told me about all the cult groups in
school and told me he wanted to be a Viking that they are the must dreaded
and feared in the country, well that's exactly what I wanted, but I had always
had a crush for Black Axe right from my childhood.
……………… I and Ifeanyi became even more closer and he introduced me to
many of his friends, most were cult boys, he was a Jew man at that time
buh they respected and feared him because of his body size.
I got to know all the bad boys in school in just 1 week and I was enjoying
my friendship with Ifeanyi. He always talked of guns, fast money, drugs, cars
and women and these were all my fantasies…………………………………………..
Pheeeeew! A sign of relief as I dropped the phone, it was my mum with her
normal sermon – don't keep late nights, be mindful of the friends u make,
don't carry girls, read your book and always go to church!… I wish I took at
least one of those advice my life would have been better.
Well back to the story……
TO BE CONTINUED…… Written by Carzola