'How Flavour & Emeka Morgan abandoned MC Loph's mum' -Bianka Johnson write

Like all one-sided stories/write-ups, please read with an open mind. Bianka
Johnson, who is kinda in the movie industry, today sent out something she wrote
about how high life crooner Flavour and Morgan Ent. CEO Emeka Morgan,
supposedly abandoned MC Loph's mother (pictured above with Bianca) after her
son died in a tragic accident in 2011. Flavour and MC Loph were childhood friends
while Emeka Morgan is the CEO of the record label MC Loph was signed to before
his tragic passing. Find Bianca's write up below...
My name is Bianka Johnson, I reside in the United States of America. I am
from Nigeria, a healthcare practitioner, actors-manager and a goodwill citizen.
Flavour Nabania didn't make a tribute song "Iwe", he made a mockery of his
friend, the late McLoph. Below is my story.
Tragedy brought us together.... That's how I came to know Mrs. Nwaozor,
affectionately known to me as "Mama." Back in November 2011, someone
posted a tribute video, "Iwe", by Flavor, on Facebook. On that day I distinctly
remember viewing the video on YouTube and sobbing for over an hour after
watching this video that paid homage to two siblings who so suddenly lost
their lives. I was simply paralyzed thinking about the magnitude of grief one
particular mother would have to endure. You see, Mama was the mother who
lost those two adult children on the same day, specifically, a son, the erstwhile
entertainer, MC Loph, and a daughter, Chinwe.
Continue, it gets more interesting...
All I could think to myself is that life as we know it is so unfair. My spirit was
disturbed and something, I don't know what it was, moved within me and I set out
to find this woman. It became my duty....my obligation, to find her, to hug her and
give her some semblance of hope and maybe a little peace, if she would allow me
So, I began to search for Mama. The first thing I did was to call Flavor's promoter,
Igwe, who I knew was based in Houston, Texas. I asked to speak with Flavor and
he informed me that Flavor had gone to the mall, but he would make sure Flavor
would call me immediately he got back. At the time, Flavor was in the United
States promoting the album he had recently released. The next day Igwe called me
and put Flavor on the phone. I briefly introduced myself and went straight to thank
him for showing love through his tribute song to a dear friend who had lost his life.
Shortly after that, I expressed to him how his video moved me to tears and how I
felt compelled to find Loph's mother. Flavor thanked me as well and gave me a
telephone number to MC Loph's close friend in Lagos who went by the name Obi
Mgbakor. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that Flavor was in contact
with Mama on a weekly, or at least, a monthly basis seeing as the late MC Loph
and Flavor were childhood friends that grew up together. Without hesitation, I
immediately called Obi Mgbakor in Lagos and introduced myself to him and
requested Mama's contact information. Obi Mgbakor was guarded at first and was
reluctant to give me Mama's number. He asked for my Facebook name so he could
check out my profile. Without giving it a second thought, I provided it to him and
his countenance changed after he was able to verify who I was and he even
requested my friendship on Facebook. Obi Mgbakor gave me Mama's information
and I contacted her the next day and introduced myself. Mama and I spent almost
an hour on the phone the first time we spoke and she narrated so much to me.
Mama was heartbroken and she said that she was actually shocked Flavor was the
one that made it possible for us to start communicating. Mama went further to
express her disappointment over Flavor's nonchalant attitude since the death of
her son, MC Loph and her daughter Chinwe. "Flavor has not picked up the phone to
call me since Obiajulu passed away, yet he made a hit tribute song on his behalf.
May God be the judge," Mama said.
Now, it must be noted that MC Loph died in a ghastly motor accident on
September 14, 2011, while traveling on the Benin/Ore expressway to visit Mama
with his pregnant fiancé Nkiru, who survived the ordeal. The phone conversation I
had with Mama was in November 2011, two months after MC Loph's death and
she said Flavor hadn't called? Unbelievable!
Immediately I got off the phone with Mama I called Obi Mgbakor to verify what she
told me. The whole thing was strange to me and I couldn't reconcile the feelings
and emotions Flavor expressed in his tribute video with the nonchalant attitude he
had towards his best friend's mother. Obi Mgbakor indeed confirmed that Flavor
refused to call or visit mama after McLoph's death.
Right now, I want to set the record straight. Since the death of Mama's son, MC
Loph, Flavor Nabania never called nor visited Mama and he never sent a dime to
her for her upkeep. Flavor hasn't made any effort to reach out to Nkiru or MC
Loph's infant son. Mama died from congestive heart failure exacerbated by
heartbreak. But for the deaths of her two adult childrenat the same time , which
took an enormous toll on her health, it is my belief that Mama would have lived
longer. Since her death, I have read so many untrue stories including a statement
made by MC Loph's former manager, Emeka Morgan. Once again, let me set the
record straight: Mr. Morgan was never responsible for Mama's upkeep. He claimed
that his record label was sending Mama thirty thousand naira a month. Mama
never received thirty thousand Naira monthly from the record label and Mr Morgan
never adopted MC Loph's son nor was he responsible for the infant's welfare as
speculated by some brainless human beings. Mr. Morgan abandoned Mama as
soon as the media attention surrounding her son's death died off. Mr. Morgan till
date has yet to call Nkiru, MC Loph's fiancé, to say congratulations on the birth of
Loph's son.
It is my honest belief that God brought me close to Mama after her son's death for
reasons beyond my comprehension. I took care of Mama until she died to the best
of my ability. Today, I am blessed to have an extra angel watching over me. She
lost two children at the same time who can never be replaced but before she died,
Mama gained a grandson, a beautiful daughter in-law in Nkiru, and a daughter in
me. Mama is gone, reunited with her children and I know she is at peace now.
Mama will be buried on November 12, 2013. May her very gentle soul rest in