Chinese Woman Arrested For Slapping Her Boyfriend In Public

A Chinese woman has been arrested after forcing her boyfriend to kneel in
the street and repeatedly slapping him around the face.The 20-year-old
woman, named Cheng, was arrested on suspicion of common assault, while
the victim, 23-year-old Chui, was taken to hospital.
The man was accused of cheating on the woman after bringing another girl
back to his flat in Hong Kong. His girlfriend took him out to the street and
began berating him, with a crowd of onlookers gathering and trying to
She made him kneel on the pavement in full view of passers-by, and accused
him of going behind her back by inviting in the other girl – who was standing
next to the couple throughout the fight.
Cheng then started slapping Chui across the face as he screamed, 'You're
slandering me!', and urged the other girl to corroborate his story.
As other bystanders started to intervene in the altercation, Cheng shouted,
'None of your business!'
Most witnesses took Chui's side, with one woman telling him: 'Stand up,
ditch this ugly girl, you deserve better.'
One passer-by called the police, leading to Cheng's arrest.
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