BREAKING NEWS!!! Charles Taylor To Serve 50-Year Jail Sentence In The UK

Ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor is to serve his 50-year war crimes sentence in
the UK, Justice Minister Jeremy Wright has confirmed. Mr Wright made the
announcement in a written statement to Parliament, saying it followed a request
from the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL).
Finland, Rwanda and Sweden were other possibilities following the rejection of his
appeal last month by a UN-backed special court in The Hague.
He was sentenced in May 2012 for aiding rebels who committed atrocities in Sierra
Leone during its civil war. Because of fears his trial could spark renewed conflict in
West Africa, it was moved from Sierra Leone to The Hague, and the UK at the time
offered to jail him if convicted.
The SCSL found Taylor, 65, guilty of 11 crimes including terrorism, rape, murder
and the use of child soldiers by rebel groups in neighbouring Sierra Leone during
the 1991-2002 conflict in which some 50,000 people died. He was found to have
supplied weapons to the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in exchange for a
constant flow of so-called blood diamonds.
The rebels were notorious for hacking off the limbs of civilians to terrorise the
Taylor has always insisted he is innocent and his only contact with the rebels was
to urge them to stop fighting. He is the first former head of state convicted by an
international war crimes court since World War II.