(#Amust read) A Letter To Death By Murs!!! (#poetry #youngpoets #poemcommunity)

Let me start off this letter saying I don't like you
Scared of you, but I will fight you
I stare at the ceiling and think about you
Curiosity killing me, thinking of when I would meet you

You introduced yourself to so many others mothers, sisters and brothers
Children and babies, it drives me crazy
I wonder why you love people that love people that do right?
Is it rocket science to you, or is it just your type?

One of my biggest fears
is waking up four in the morning and i hear you met one of my peers
Or maybe a family member that you thought was cool
Or maybe a person that I'll never meet cause of you
You! Son of a bitch!! And I wish you never visited my father
And I swear I'd blow your brains out if you paid me a visit
But that's not realistic, cause you'll never write

I gotta live my life with the hurt
of knowing that you're everlasting,
dwelling upon the masses of the earth,
fatal assassins snatch your bodies
Probably, on my notepad as I write
Why the fuck you wanna take my life?

Sooner or later, I'm tired and weary and my gray hairs are not in my favour
So when I write on this paper, it's real talk
But I'll still send this letter off P.O. Box
and when you get it
Please take it personal
Because it is personal

Death is everywhere, the streets, the corners
The coroners, the morgues
Cemeteries, hospitals
Heard about him when I was little
Tomorrow's not promised
Cause any day he can be knocking at your front door
War, genocide, homicide
Suicide, all coincide
Signed and sealed by the living
Make it, don't take it