Yippie!! AfroCandy finally talks about something other than Sex(Must Read) (#afrocandy)

Afrocandy got a lot of praises from her fans when she reacted to the Kenyan Mall
massacre...beauty & brains....
"Would it not be better to make Guns and Bombs available for everyone to
carry them on the streets? I guess that would stop all these senseless killings
of innocent people everyday. After all it's only one head and one life we all
have and I'll make sure I get you b4 you kill me. Ah ah! there's no more any
safe place in the whole world all because some groups of people radicalize
themselves and go on killing rampage for no absolute reasons. Please let
people worship who or whatever they wanna worship and believe in whatever
they want cos on the last day, God will not even ask you what Religion you
belong to. Enough of it or there should be a Revolution"