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Unemployment is a cause for worry in every state. jobs are needed to survive. Particularly jobs for women and have demand in Pakistan. A Job is an imperative need for women in modern era as compared to older ages. Recently,the preference for women is to make their career first then focus on other activities like domestic duties. Many reasons are there which push the people to build their career. Many times,there are financial problems or it is their own wish which encourages them to start earning and advancing in their career. There are many of the best jobs which women opt for to make their career,many to them are respected, but many of them are not suitable for women but they still join these jobs for many reasons.

Now it is a need to know what types of jobs are best for women in Pakistan. When women want to join any company then it is no small matter to get accepted . In Pakistan mostly,there is constant danger so they are advised to begin online and not abandon the safety of their homes. As most people have the opinion  that  article writing is the best job for every one,women prefer to do this job online also and in offices as well. There are many job opportunities for women in Pakistan. A survey was conducted and surprisingly, almost 65% of the women interviewed claimed that they did not want simple jobs. They wanted a job that would test their skills and they should have fun doing it. After the survey the jobs mentioned below were taken by women. The best jobs for women are listed below.

Landscape Architect:

women can work as landscape architect in Pakistan for private firms which provide services of landscape architecture for mega projects and for commercial consumers.

Digital Strateqist:

Women can also work as digital strategist for different private and commercial organizations and NGOs. The demand of digital strategist is very rarein Pakistan but organizations pay huge amount of money to talented digital strategist which has degree of master's in public administration and administrative sciences.

Video Game Designer:

Software houses and game development companies in Pakistan offer smart package of salaries to video game developers. Also working as video game developers and can strengthen their financial career in 21st century of smart phones and video games.

Physical Therapist:

Physical therapist in Pakistan have career of high glimpse and women  can also start their career as physical therapist offers service of physical therapy and natural health techniques to control the diseases and make the health of patient better. Women can work as physical therapist after getting bachelor's degree or diploma of physical therapy from well reputed institute of physical therapy.

Interior Designer:

Many people in Pakistan require the services of interior designer in Pakistan and they hire interior designer on expensive cost to make their house designer in themselves and get a diploma of interior designing from any designing institute of Pakistan. Women can join interior designing firm for this purpose also.


Women in Pakistan can work as beautician because the large numbers of women in Pakistan require the services of beautician especially on occasion of marriage or some other particular function. Women can earn handful money by just establishing beauty parlor at their home or by becoming the employ of any beautician after just spending some time to learn the professional techniques and course.


Teaching is the socially honorable field in whole world and can earn respect and money also they can start earning as a lecturer or teacher after completing their education by becoming the part of any government sector or private sector educational institution. Both the government and private sector an good enough salary to teachers.

These all jobs were best for women,as is elite class area and wish to do something different to build their career. The jobs are still changing constantly as they wish to do some other jobs but recently many women in Pakistan are making their living with the above mentioned jobs.