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Top 10 Home Remedies To Cure Acne

When you talk about home remedies for acne and pimple,your mind reverts to the natural ways of living. Wrong living is bound to give you wrong results. Natural growth of the human body and the resultant hormonal changes cause acne. Improper skin care and workng food habits add fuel to the fire and worsen the conditionsof acne.

The great assurance about home remedies is that they are harmless and will not cause you any side effects. For every type of disease,a cure is provided by the Nature. Only you need to make self-assessment for what is good for you and what not. Some of the tried and trusted methods,since time immemorial,are:

1: Take raw milk and grind nutmeg with it. This paste has genuine acne healing qualities. The cure is complete and no marks or scars are left on your face.

2: Make a mixture of one teaspoon cinnamon powder and an equal quantity of lemon juice. And apply it softly on your face,especially the pimple affected area. You will get good results.

3: Take three table spoons of pure honey and mix it with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply it on the pimples and let the paste remain there overnight. Wash it next morning with lukewarm water. Continue this operation for two weeks. Pimples will vanish for ever.

4: Dry the orange peel and make its paste. Daub the paste on the pimples. You will have lots of relief in the acne and pimples condition.

5: Garlic is a well know remedy for pimples. Crush garlic and aplly fresh juice on and around the pimples. Regular application will solve the problem of pimples once for all,. No scars  will be left on your face.

6: Lime juice is used with many other combinations. Mix it with groundnut. This is a good treatment for blackheads and  pimples.  

7: Mint juice does much more.The fresh juice applied overnight,takes care of stings,scabies,escema and other skin infections.

8: Wrinkles on your face may be inevitable at the old age,but why should you have them now? Make the paste of fresh fenugreek leaves and daub it on your face. Let it remain there for about 15 minutes. Wash the fae with warm water. Along with wrinkles this will treat your pimples and blackheads.

9: If you have a sharp attack of pimples and if they are swelling,apply the juice of raw papaya for good results.

10: Now,one evergreen remedy for pimples. Mix rose water and lime juice in equal quantities. Apply profusely on the affected area. With lukewarm water wash it off,after 30 minutes. Pimples are bound to disappear  and your skin will glow.