PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus Sductively Twrks With A Monkey. ( #twerking #mileycyrustwerking #monkey)

Miley Cyrus has taken her pénchant for
twérking to the next level, after performing
the séxy dance move with a small monkey
on her back.
The Wrecking Ball singer, who caused
controversy at this year’s MTV VMA awards
after twérking up against Robin Thicke on
stage, has now been rolling out her moves
on an unsuspécting primaté called Don.
Don, wéaring a cowboy outfit, appeared to be forced to sit atop Miley’s back as
she humpéd the floor of a Las Vegas venue in pictures she posted on her Twitter
‘Imma make a Tumblr. Just to post more pixxxx like this. #vegas @vij_photo
#twérkinwithadayummonkeyonmyback,’ the 20-year-old wrote.
Miley, who was wéaring rippéd black shorts and a blue silk crop top for the
occasion, was later seen straddling a large red mascot in front of party goers.

Source: Metro