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Shailendra Babu who has given cleafamily entertainers like Kutumba and Gowramma has remade that sensational hit Murder from Hindi which itself was an inspired from “Unfaithful” from Hollywood. The movie features plenty of skin-show and sex scenes, which makes it uncomfortable viewing for family audience.

Susheel, his wife Sanjana and their child Sanchali live peacefully in Bangkok. Being occupied with his job for making a prosperous future for the family, Susheel forgets that his wife needs him physically and mentally. Sanjana starts feeling lonely and the twist in the tale occurs, when one rainy day she happens to meet her ex-lover Sachin and they have an affair. Both had been in love before Sanjana’s marriage with Susheel who was her sister’s husband. Susheel begins to sense that something strange is happening with his wife and he hires a detective who finds out Sanjana’s torrid affair! The infidelity of Sanjana shakes him badly. What happens then?

Sanjana has made a decent debut and she is extremely daring and does justice to her role. Thilak another debutant seems to have had a great fun from this film. Gurukiran music is a lift from the original track. Venu and Mathew have shown their skill with good camera work. At the end of it all we wonder how the censors approved this film with some daring scenes?