Healthy skin is the reflection of a healthy body.Is yourskin healthy? Read following to evaluate yourself and learn the ways to protect yourself against various harms.

We all know how important ozone layer is for all of us since it gives a protective covering to our Earth and guard us from all the harmful rays of sun,the same fact apply to our skin!It shields our body and keeps it lively and hydrated at all times.

Therefore it is of primary importance that our skin and body should be taken care of.A women's skin is a reflection of her health and beauty,a healthy and glowing skin is paramount importance.

In addition to the daily use of a specific face wash for your facial skin,a body wash must also be used in shower because the skin of the whole body requires care. Exfoliation should be undertaken regularly along with face polishes and scrubs.

A normal healthy skin is achieved if all the vitamins are present in the daily diet,fruits should be included in routine diet to meet the needs of a perfect skin. Also vegetables must be taken in since they contain anti-oxidants which help in avoiding wrinkles and other ageing lines,having a balanced diet in your life can save you from a zillion problems.  Regular use of maisturizers on skin and body is also very important as it keeps the skin hydrated and healthy,the use of sun blocks should also be emphasized whenever exposure to sun is expected as it protects the skin from sunburns and melanin tumors.

Regular work out routines should be practiced,because working out releases" Endorphins" which are normally known as "happy hormones"and help in achieving a healthy,happy and glowing skin and a frsh body. Exercise gives a feeling of brightness and originality along with a sence of satisfaction.

At last but not the least! The most vital of all,"water"is the coponent which keeps the skin and body fresh,clean,glowing and pure it provides a clarity to the skin and body which is unachievable by any other means.

If you have any probles regarding your skin ,never use anything without the prescription of a qualified dermatologist. The products being promoted nowadays could prove dangerous because every skin type is different and has different and different sensitivity so,always consult your dermatologist before starting a new product.