Crest fallen By Taiwo Oluwaseyi. (#poem #crestfallen)

No one could understand why bradley kept smiling
Despite the fact that he has been erased from his office
Smiles that could nudge a knock-out,he even giggles  stubborn car engine
His walk step becomes typical as that of a wriggled wire
His movement,similar to a crooked cock,backward then forward
Even his face knows not why he smiles
He gets into his compound,then all starts getting obvious
His acube shoes alarms the whole neighbourhood,typical to a car horn,maybe a shoe cobbler's pako-made box
He walks briskly through the wavy breeze
He sprints like a flue infected chicken on the stairway
His first thought was 'should I open the door or break it wide open'?
like an angry wrestler Albeit,he decides to go in like a sane homo sapien Alas!,he gets in but he almost fell,even almost disobeyed the law of gravitation
Visibly,stars appeared on his head
He gets suspended on his wobbly feet for a quarter hour It is like a vision,he even day dreams;I hope he sees his period
Finally,he snaps out of it then caved just like a sky scrapper!
His wife was with another man....