Chinese man has new nose grown on his forehead after losing his nose in a car crash

A 22 year old Chinese man named Xiaolian has had a new nose grown on his
forehead after loosing his original nose in a car accident. Xiaolian had the
treatment to create a replacement for his original nose which was infected and
deformed following the accident in 2012. He actually left his damaged nose
unattended to after the accident which led to the infection and eventual deformity,
leaving the surgeons unable to repair it.
Surgeons in China were left with no option than to create another nose for the man
to breathe properly and then transplant it to the original place. The nose was
created by placing a skin tissue expander onto Xiaolian’s forehead. This was cut
into the shape of a nose and was supported by cartilage taken from the man’s
Surgeons say that the nose has developed well and that the transplant surgery will
be carried out soon.