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Nicole Kidman was knocked over by a man who crashed into her on a bicycle as she left a fashion show in New York on Thurday.

Kidman had just the Calvin Klein show for new York's Fashion Week and wash returning to the Carlyle Hotel.

As The actress walked toward the entrance,cyclist and paparazzo Carl Wu was speeding toward her on this bike.

Witnesses said that as Wu got dangerously close to Nicole,he appeared to hit his brakes,but too late.

He slammed into her and she went crashing to the ground.

Kidman was helped back up and witnesses at the scene said she had not visible injuries.

A furious Kidman initially wanted to press charges,but cops who arrived at the scene would not arrest Wu for a criminal offence,writing the paparzoo a ticket instead for cycling on the sidewalk.

This is not the first time photographer Wu has had a run in with a celebrity--he was previously identified on a blog called F***K You CArl Wu after he allegedly behaved recklessly in a bid to get a picture of lady Gaga in 2010.

He is said to have desperately run down the parking ramp at the singer's Boston hotel and ended up having to dodge a car nearly killing himself before apparently becoming embroiled in an altercation with the star's bodyguard.