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Sana Sarfaraz in one of the britest young model from karachi,Pakistan.She has attracted many large brands in such a short time.She has worked with Many pakistani designer.Sana Sarfaraz like Pakistani model Cybil Chaudhry and international model Cindy Crawford.Her styling and make on different photo-shoot's in done by Maha Burney and Rana Anis Khan.She was nominated for "Best Emerging Talent" award in Lux Style Awards.
Sana was born in Karachi and Spend most of her childhood life in United Arab Emirates.She goes to Gym and exercise regularly to maintain herself.
Sana started her modeling career through Shayane Malik show.She is not a morning person,wake's up late then have breakfast and works on her university assignments.She likes to manage her work and studies both,which is tough to do but is very important,she said in an interview that jealously is very common in this industry.Sana love the food restaurants in Karachi.

Whenever she's going out of home,she does wear mascara,tinted moisturizer and eyeliner.She was surprised by hypocrisy people had in this industry and are very two faced.She thinks people in this industry can't here the truth and couldn't accept reality and doesn't want to alter themselves,being diplomatic is the only option.She compromise her personal life and focus on her career,she doesn't have much time for outings etc.

Oldest stuff in her closet is a pair of jeans.She hate people who wear sleeveless shirts and doesn't carry it well.Sana spend most of her money on buying clothes and shoes.She likes to sleep in her spare time.She like's to have a cup of coffee with her sweet sister.Her name meaning is Brilliant and Praise.Sana Sarfaraz has the habit that most of the Karachi people has,driving Zig-Zag when she is in a ruch to reach somewhere.

She is very organized,modest,graceful constructive and insightful.Sana's ideal man would be Loyal,Liberal and responsible.

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