No Dance Skills Required: Doing The Harlem Shake

This craze of doing the “Harlem Shake” has been getting major buzz over the last couple of weeks. If you don’t know what it is let me quickly explain it. Song starts with music and there is one person doing some kind of stupid dance or thrusting, bonus points if they are wearing some kind of mask, around other people that are completely unfazed, then you hear “do the Harlem Shake” and the music drops and it cuts to same scene where everyone is acting a fool.

Any everyone is joining in on creating these videos and I think I know why. It’s easy to make, they are only 30 seconds long and you don’t have to know how to dance. This is the perfect excuse to say that your crappy dance moves are on purpose because you are trying to be funny. I mean I haven’t seen a video where people are actually doing the Harlem Shake I remember from the late 90′s, everyone seems to be just flailing their arms and doing The Berney. Who am I to ruin everyone’s fun, I mean I am enjoying these videos myself and everyone is having fun creating them, from sexy videos, to firemen, students, companies and even the military. There is even a subreddit dedicated to this craze. Check out the ones that caught my eye below…

Sexy Edition