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Lady Gaga's narcissistic spin on night club fire tragedy

I'm sure you've heard on the news about the tragic night club fire in Santa Maria, Brazil, where 232 lives perished including a Little Monster's.  After a fan tweeted Gaga letting her know of the fan's death, she took to her Twitter.

Ok, I totally get celebrities wanting to express their sadness or thoughts when a tragic event happens.  There's nothing wrong with that.   So she wants to pray, let her pray.  The next part is what I find so narcissistic and in typical Lady Gaga fashion, she managed to take a horrible event and turn it into something about her, in her own fucked up, manipulative way.  For some sick, self serving reason, Stefani had to tweet a picture of her praying as if she felt some need to prove it.  Or to get a shit load of attention and praise because we all know what a bottomless pit she is.

O Lord our heavenly father, please help the people of...could you fix my hair? Is the camera ready?

First of all, who the fuck stops mid way through a SINCERE prayer time and thinks "Oh, let me get my web cam ready!! snap snap! Now TWEET!  Look at what an amazing person I am!  I'm praying for the Brazil fire victims!"?

I'll tell you who. NO ONE!  That's right, no one.  I'm not religious as you all know but I grew up Roman Catholic so I know something about it.  Prayer is a personal, introspective time.   It's not to show off.  It's not to brag and it's DEFINITELY not designed to make you look good.  This is so self serving, selfish and disgustingly insincere.  What Stefani just did is no different than praying to God when you want something personal, like money.  Lady Gaga, once again proving herself to be the beacon of authenticity.

Am I the only one who thinks there's something really wrong with this?

Then you have mainstream media canonising her as the next great Saint; because she tweeted a picture, of herself! 

This picture she tweeted is about as authentic as this.


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