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Internet statistics prove Lady Gaga's star is falling

AccuraCast, a UK based leading search engine marketing agency released graphic depicting Lady Gaga's fall from grace since she catapulted to fame after releasing The Fame. 

While mainstream media would find this astonishing, we here at GagaCheat are not surprised at all.  We knew all along what was happening.   Gaga has forced herself down the public's throat, trying to condense 30+ years of work into four.  The over exposure, constant need for attention and constant need to top herself is wearing thin and has officially become boring.  She's made herself appealing only to her own fan base and while it's large, the casual listener and general public has begun to see through to the contradictions in Lady Gaga's timeline and are over her. 

Read more on Queerty.

Thank you Amen-Madonna for the link.

I posted this before I checked my email and it turns out that Gary from AccuraCast emailed me as well.

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